Cable confirms that Garcia wanted out

New Orleans Saints v Oakland Raiders
Jeff Garcia wanted out?

During a production meeting with ESPN for their Monday night contest with the San Diego Chargers, head coach Tom Cable revealed that he had misled beat writers on September 5, 2009, following the release of Jeff Garcia.

According to an Adam Schefter ‘tweet’, Tom Cable told the crew of ESPN, “It was a shock to us all.  We were blown away.

That is something completely different than what he told us when beat writers posed the question at the announcement of Garcia’s release.

After being told that Garcia was released, one reporter asked about the decision to release a guy that had been touted as a possible starter this coming season.  Tom Cable replied, “I think first and foremost, we are committed to JaMarcus Russell as our starter.  I think that when you look at the preseason, and practices in camp, and the games, that we played, all four of the games, three of the four which Bruce and Charlie played, and they probably were the most productive in terms of scoring points and moving the football team.  I think that the fact that whether or not he’s comfortable in his role  as a backup, it is what it is.  JaMarcus is our guy and those other two guys did a great job in terms of performing on game night.

Since Cable didn’t quite state that Garcia had wanted out, a follow-up question was asked if he had asked for his release.  Cable dryly said, “There was some talk about whether or not, how he would fit and all that, but for right now, the best way for me to approach it was the fact that that those two guys played so well and we’re committed to JaMarcus.