Current Raiders unfazed by Sapp's Showtime comments

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Don't expect Sapp to keep his mouth shut about the Raiders anytime soon.

As was reported at on Wednesday evening, Warren Sapp had plenty to say about the Oakland Raiders after week one–and none of it was complimentary.

The comments were made on Showtime’s Inside the NFL, the long-running series that recaps the previous weekend in the NFL.

Sapp’s comments began by stating that the Raiders’ season was ‘over before it began’ and sharing his experience as a Raider saying that they ‘we would layed an egg’ when they had confidence going into a game.Thursday, the question came up with a couple of his former teammates.  They weren’t fazed, and only a little shocked, by the discouraging remarks.

Star cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha was asked if Sapp’s statement about the team ‘laying an egg’ in the past was true.  He responded quickly, “Absolutely.

After explaining that he thought any team can lay an egg if they are too confident, Asomugha was asked what he thought about Sapp saying their season was already over.  “Did he say that? Was that before or after watching our game?

Reporters answered that it was after their game with the Chargers on Monday night.  Asomugha proceeded to blow it off.  “Oh. You know, it’s his opinion,” he replied.  “The guys here, it’s not like we would hear that and, ‘well, ya know, Sapp’s right.’ That’s the guy’s opinion and that’s what we have to deal with. You put that out of your mind and focus on the task at hand. It’s not a big deal at all. And if you didn’t tell me I wouldn’t have even known. That’s pretty much how it is. Guys don’t listen to that stuff.

Asked if being a blowhard is just how Sapp is, Asomugha smiled, nodded, and said, “That’s the way he is. He’s going to be outspoken and he’s going to speak his mind. Doesn’t mean that everything he says is right. We don’t worry about that.

When former line-mate Jay Richardson was told about Sapp stating the season was already over he smiled and sarcastically said, “Oh sure, of course he did.

Richardson was then asked what he thought about the statement.  He grimaced, “That’s just Sapp being Sapp.  Man, he always has an opinion and he’s been here so he feels like he knows what kind of team we are, but he hasn’t been here, recently.  So he doesn’t know what we got in this locker room.  He doesn’t know what we’re trying to build here.  And he must not have paid much attention to the game last week either so, that’s just Sapp being Sapp.

When Richardson was told about Sapp’s comments about the team playing worse with confidence, he laughed.  “Once again, Sapp being Sapp.  He’s liable to say anything.  No, I don’t, I don’t…that doesn’t hold much water with me.  I don’t [care] what he says.

For those worrying about the Raiders being overconfident, head coach Tom Cable isn’t.  He was told about Sapp’s comments about the Raiders’ play when they were confident and he wasn’t all that excited to hear it.  He bristled as the question was asked how he keeps them from being too confident going into the Chiefs game.  “Well, we’re hungry to win,” he said firmly.  “And that’s really all I have to say about where our confidence is and all that.  We’re trying to build it so we can learn to finish games and win a game like that.  That has to be our focus right now.  I don’t know that we have any right to be overconfident about anything.