Texans wrangle Raiders in easy victory

Oakland Raiders v Houston Texans
Another week of poor offensive output dooms Raiders 29-6.

The Oakland Raiders struggled on offense for the third week in a row. Once again, the Raiders’ offense was unable to gain more than 200 yards. The futility continued their three-game streak in that area–a franchise first.

The Raiders’ inability to move the ball and score on offense, coupled with the poor performance by their special teams, added up to a 29-6 loss to the Houston Texans in Houston.

We are really killing ourselves—we’re shooting ourselves in the foot all over the place,” said Raiders’ head coach Tom Cable after the game. The coach, clearly frustrated, pointed to dropped balls by receivers and an overall poor performance by his special teams as reasons for his frustration. The frustration certainly has boiled down to the team, but finger pointing hasn’t been the case thus far. Earlier this week, Jeff Garcia pointed out in Sirius Radio that players on the team were just picking up a paycheck.

Former Cowboy and current Raiders defensive end Greg Ellis was given an opportunity to respond to that claim after the loss. He didn’t use the opportunity to single out anyone. “I got a lot of respect for Jeff [Garcia] and I didn’t read what he said, so I can’t really get into that,” said Ellis after the game. He went on to say, “But I can just tell you that I got a lot of respect for Jeff and value his (opinions). But I didn’t read it myself, so I didn’t talk to him about it.

Once again, Russell completed less than fifty-percent of his passes, completing 12 for 33 with no touchdowns and no interceptions for 128 yards. Although he had a poor completion percentage, much of that can be blamed to the nine dropped passes by his receivers that aided his dismal day.

Russell admitted that the dropped passes had an affect on him after the game. “I don’t pay too much mind while it’s happening but as it goes on it’s a lot back down deep inside,” he said. “But I know that you have to keep guys with confidence. Keep coming at them; keep throwing the ball to them. That’s the only way they will get better.

While the passing game continues to have problems, the running game hasn’t gotten any better either. “I do feel like we are out of rhythm, out of sorts from running the ball,” said starting right guard Cooper Carlisle. “It’s affecting our team obviously, putting our defense on the field a lot. Kind of wearing them down. So it’s not only affecting us not scoring points, it’s affecting the whole game.

Not being able to run the ball accounted for a safety when the Raiders’ Justin Fargas attempted to rush the ball from the end zone. Before he could take three steps, he was met by a wall of Texans defenders that smothered him about five yards into the end zone.

One part of the game unaffected by the poor offensive output was the defense. On the day, Raiders defenders sacked Texans quarterback Matt Schaub four times, had one interception, and held him to 224 yards passing with one touchdown.

On special teams, the Raiders were horrendous. On the day, they had a muffed punt return that was recovered by the Texans, a penalty for having twelve men on the field, and they allowed a free-kick return for a touchdown.

The Raiders next play four possible playoff teams. They’ll go on the road to meet the New York Giants, then come home to play the Philadelphia Eagles and the resurgent New York Jets. The final game before the bye week will be on the road against San Diego.

FINAL 1st 2nd 3rd 4th T
Raiders 3 3 0 0
Texans 3 17 9 0
Next Game: Raiders – 10/11 vs. NYG | Texans – 10/11 vs. Ari
Team Statistics
Raiders Texans
Time of Possession 25:47 34:13
First Downs 8 16
Rushing 1 6
Passing 6 7
Penalty 1 3
3rd-Down efficiency 2-15-13% 3-16-19%
4th-Down efficiency 1-2-50% 0-0-0%
Red-Zone Efficiency 0-1-0% 1-5-20%
Goal-To-Go Efficiency 0-0-0% 0-1-0%
Total net yards 165 329
Total plays 57 67
Average gain 2.9 4.9
Net yards rushing 45 120
Rushes 22 41
Average yards per rush 2.0 2.9
Rushing TDs 0 1
Net yards passing 120 209
Completed-attempted 12-33 11-22
Average yards per pass 3.4 8.0
Passing TDs 0 1
Sacked-yards lost 2-8 4-15
Had intercepted 0 1
Return Yardage 102 189
Punts-returns 2–4 7-60
Punt-Return TDs 0 0
Kickoffs-returns 6-106 4-129
Kickoff-return TDs 0 1
Interceptions-returns 1-0 0-0
Interception-Return TDs 0 0
Field Goals Made 2-2-100% 2-3-67%
Extra Points Made 0-0-0% 3-3-100%
Two-Point Conversions Made 0-0-0% 0-0-0%
Penalties-yards 9-60 1-5
Fumbles-lost 3-3 2-1
Own-Recovered-yards 0-0 1-0
Own-Recovered-TDs 0 0
Opp-Recovered-Yards 1-0 3-0
Opp-Recovered-TDs 0 0
1st Quarter
FG 8:06 Kris Brown 26 yd FG Plays: 6 | Yards: 61 | Time: 1:28
FG 2:33 Sebastian Janikowski 46 yd FG Plays: 5 | Yards: 15 | Time: 2:38
2nd Quarter
FG 14:57 Kris Brown 34 yd FG Plays: 6 | Yards: 53 | Time: 2:36
TD 10:39 Steve Slaton 32 yd run (Kris Brown kick) Plays: 6 | Yards: 67 | Time: 3:02
TD 8:13 Steve Slaton 18 yd pass from Matt Schaub (Kris Brown kick) Plays: 4 | Yards: 61 | Time: 1:52
FG 2:05 Sebastian Janikowski 33 yd FG Plays: 13 | Yards: 64 | Time: 6:08
3rd Quarter
S 8:53 Brian Cushing safety Plays: 0 | Yards: 0 | Time: 0:00
TD 8:41 Jacoby Jones 95 yd kick return (Kris Brown kick) Plays: 0 | Yards: 0 | Time: 0:00