Raiders crushed by Giants 44-7

Oakland Raiders v New York Giants
Russell and the Raiders' offense wasn't the only part of the Raiders that wasn't very good on Sunday.

The Oakland Raiders have been spiraling downhill since they impressed many in the football world on opening night against the Chargers. On Sunday, the New York Giants added momentum to the Raiders’ free fall into being considered one of (if not the) worst teams in the league.

Much of the controversy surrounding the Raiders began in training camp with Tom Cable’s ‘punch heard around the league’ and then quickly turned to his starting quarterback–who has been unable to give the offense any punch whatsoever. After last week’s poor performance, the Raiders’ offense had gone three consecutive games without gaining over 200 yards for the first time in franchise history.

Now they’ve created a new Raiders first by gaining only 124 total yards while being destroyed by the Giants 44-7 at the Meadowlands, falling to 1-4 on the season.JaMarcus Russell threw for 100 yards on 8-13 passing with no touchdowns and no interceptions. Where Russell didn’t make mistakes passing, he made them elsewhere. Russell fumbled the ball three times, all recovered by the Giants, and wasn’t able to help the Raiders sustain a single drive.

Behind a makeshift line, due to injuries to left guard Robert Gallery and right tackle Cornell Green, Russell was sacked six times for 36 yards with Justin Tuck getting two of them.

The Raiders’ defense also had problems. Eli Manning, who was questionable coming into the game after suffering a plantar fasciitis injury last week, didn’t show any sign of the injury as he skillfully led the Giants to a 28-0 lead with more than 12 minutes left in the first half.

We got outplayed on both sides of the ball and we’re trying to keep pushing through. And like we just talked about, at some point we gotta’ get it stopped so that we can move forward as a football team.
– Tom Cable at his postgame press conference

It took a fumbled punt return by Sinorice Moss followed by a pass interference penalty on the Giants at their own five, before the Raiders were able to put any points on the board. Moss misjudged a Shane Lechler punt that took an odd bounce and brushed the receiver. On a second and nine at the Giants’ 14, C.C. Brown was called for pass interference against Louis Murphy to put the ball at the five.

Even that amount of good fortune for the Raiders almost went to waste. On the next play, Justin Fargas was held up at the five and fumbled before coming to the ground. The Giants recovered and returned the fumble for an apparent touchdown, but the play was called dead due to Fargas’ forward progress. On the very next play, Michael Bush rushed straight up the middle for a five-yard touchdown score, making it 28-7. It was the Raiders’ first touchdown in 13 quarters.

Definitely a disappointing loss. I felt like we had a good week of practice and to come out on the field and really just–really not display the talent that we have, I think that’s the most disappointing thing. We took one on the chin, but I think a man has to face adversity and I think you really determine the character of a person and also the football team when you get beat that bad.
– Richard Seymour after the loss

With 2:19 left in the half, Giants head coach Tom Coughlin pulled Manning and replaced him with David Carr for safety issues. Carr’s first drive started at New York’s seven and ended at the Raiders’ 45 before having to punt it back to Oakland with only 43 seconds left in the half.

Right now, with JaMarcus Russell, I would sit him on the bench. I mean me and you talked about it earlier, you’re doing more harm than good to him right now. His self-confidence is getting just obliterated every single week. I mean, who can–who could feel good about this? No one can feel good–I mean, he’s killing them.
– Former Raider Jarrod Cooper on Russell on CBS 5’s 5th Quarter

The Raiders would have been better off just running out the clock. Two plays into their two-minute offense, Russell was strip-sacked by Osi Umenyiora, and the Giants recovered at the Raiders’ 28 yard line. That fumble resulted into another score for New York–this time a Lawrence Tynes 25-yard field goal that ended the half with the Giants up 31-7.

After two possessions to start the second half, the Giants went up on the Raiders 41-7 with 6:52 remaining in the third quarter. First, Carr led a six play, 52 yard drive that culminated with a 12-yard touchdown run by the quarterback. Next, another Russell strip-sack resulted in a 33-yard field goal by Tynes.

The Giants would add another field goal after the start of the fourth quarter, finishing off an 11 play, 56-yard drive that lasted a back-breaking 6:18.

Let me tell you something about ‘We believe we have the players.’ You have Javon Walker on your football team. I was on the same team with Javon Walker, okay? Javon Walker is lazy, he is not a good football player–he wasn’t a good football player ever! Ever! Ever has he been a good football player. So if they’re saying, ‘Oh we got the great players that we need,’ and you’re including Javon Walker in that, I got real bad news for the Oakland Raider fans, you, me, my mom…
– Jarrod Cooper on CBS 5’s 5th Quarter on Javon Walker

FINAL 1st 2nd 3rd 4th T
Raiders 0 7 0 0
Giants 14 17 10 3

65 °F |

Team Statistics
Raiders Giants
Time of Possession 23:56 36:04
First Downs 7 27
Rushing 3 13
Passing 3 11
Penalty 1 3
3rd-Down efficiency 1-11-9% 6-12-50%
4th-Down efficiency 1-1-100% 1-1-100%
Red-Zone Efficiency 1-1-100% 4-7-57%
Goal-To-Go Efficiency 1-1-100% 1-2-50%
Total net yards 124 483
Total plays 44 65
Average gain 2.8 7.4
Net yards rushing 60 220
Rushes 25 41
Average yards per rush 2.4 5.4
Rushing TDs 1 3
Net yards passing 64 263
Completed-attempted 8-13 17-24
Average yards per pass 4.9 11.0
Passing TDs 0 2
Sacked-yards lost 6-36 0-0
Had intercepted 0 0
Return Yardage 128 67
Punts-returns 1–2 7-48
Punt-Return TDs 0 0
Kickoffs-returns 8-130 2-19
Kickoff-return TDs 0 0
Interceptions-returns 0-0 0-0
Interception-Return TDs 0 0
Field Goals Made 0-0–% 3-3-100%
Extra Points Made 1-1-100% 5-5-100%
Two-Point Conversions Made 0-0-0% 0-0-0%
Penalties-yards 7-67 4-37
Fumbles-lost 3-3 3-1
Own-Recovered-yards 0-0 2–2
Own-Recovered-TDs 0 0
Opp-Recovered-Yards 1-0 3-3
Opp-Recovered-TDs 0 0
1st Quarter
TD 6:57 Ahmad Bradshaw 1 yard TD run (Lawrence Tynes extra point is GOOD)
Plays: 14 | Yards: 61 | Time: 8:03
TD 3:15 Ahmad Bradshaw 19 yard TD run (Lawrence Tynes extra point is GOOD)
Plays: 3 | Yards: 79 | Time: 1:37
2nd Quarter
TD 14:53 Mario Manningham 30 yard TD pass from Eli Manning (Lawrence Tynes extra point is GOOD)
Plays: 5 | Yards: 109 | Time: 1:34
TD 12:37 Hakeem Nicks 9 yard TD pass from Eli Manning (Lawrence Tynes extra point is GOOD)
Plays: 3 | Yards: 13 | Time: 1:29
TD 2:19 Michael Bush 5 yard TD run (Sebastian Janikowski extra point is GOOD)
Plays: 3 | Yards: 6 | Time: 1:06
FG 0:02 Lawrence Tynes 25 yard field goal
Plays: 3 | Yards: 13 | Time: 0:25
3rd Quarter
TD 10:01 David Carr 12 yard TD run (Lawrence Tynes extra point is GOOD)
Plays: 6 | Yards: 39 | Time: 3:18
FG 6:52 Lawrence Tynes 33 yard field goal
Plays: 4 | Yards: 4 | Time: 2:16
4th Quarter
FG 11:38 Lawrence Tynes 37 yard field goal
Plays: 11 | Yards:

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This article has 2 Comments

  1. I have just read the Article: Tony Dungy advises Mike Vick to stay away from Oakland! Oakland is not a good fit, so that’s why He signed with Philly.

    Now with that being said:

    You know your team has sunk to the lowest depths (low enough to see satan) When a Convicted felon (Dog Murderer) Who did prison time, and was not a good QB anyway, is told to stay away from your team because it might hurt Him to sign there!

    WOW! WOW!

    I think it’s about as bad as it can get.

    I am rather speechless, and can come to no rational or intellectual reasoning for this. So I must resign Myself to the Purgatory in which Al davis has sentenced me for being A Raider fan!

  2. Thats It Raider Fans! I am officially done with this team. I cannot endure it any longer.

    Its not the losses that have me throwing in the towel, it is the utter, sheer ineptitude that this team has found those losses with. This is by far the absolute WORST run franchise in the NFL today.

    I know I will not be missed, and you know what, I won’t miss living and dying week in and week out for 7 years with this team. Enough is enough, I want a divorce from this Horrible excuse for a football team. Im done, it is over. I will always love the Raiders, but for now, my time, my money, and my emotional state need to be spent in a more positive, thoughfull, progressive manner. This is such a sorry excuse for football that I simply cannot watch this disgrace any more. I cannot raise my son watching this, and I cannot condone this sort of football being presented to my family anymore. I have played the game my whole life, I have played on teams that were bad, and I have played AGAINST teams that were this bad, and you know what the number one thing that those bad teams had in common? Zero Discipline.. Its that simple. I refuse to continue to be associated with a team that is this Undisciplined, this uncommitted to playing solid, intelligent football. I don’t want my son to see it, to think that I condone this…as football??!!! I grew up watching the best players in the game and constantly sought to play like them. I never once dropped a pass in a game. I fumbled once a year maybe. I never jumped offsides, false started or got called for holding or clipping–Because the players that I emulated never did either. I simply cannot show my children this. I don’t want to have these conversations with them. How do you explain to a child, why Jamarcus Russell and Co. are so bad? How do you justify their existance….Simply, you can’t!

    In the early years of 1999-2000 etc..this team won in spite of AL Davis, this team won because the people that were on this team were professionals, and refused to stamp their name on a loser. They made this team a winner.

    I have seen 1st year QB’s from 1-AA schools take their respective teams to the AFC Championship Game I have seen 1st year rookies all OVER the NFL look like they could take their team as far as they want to go. I have seen OUR 3rd year QB look as clueless as my 90 year old Grandmother trying to climb Mt. Everest.not any more…I cannot watch this, the Raiders do not stand for Who I am as a person any longer, they stand for something I abhor as a human being, Laziness, Unprofessionalism, Unnacountability, Lack of Pride, Finger Pointing, Disbelief, All talk, no action….The list goes on and on. Oh the Horror!

    Nnambdi and a handful of others have my deepest sympathies. The rest of you fans have my respect and my sympathies also. Fare thee well my friends, I will miss you, and the Raiders that I once knew with all my heart. For now though, I must sail on lest I teach a generation of my own family what it looks like to play a disgusting excuse for football. Someday, we may meet again…..

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