Raiders ready to hobble into Qualcomm to take on the Chargers

New York Jets v Oakland Raiders
Tyvon Branch leads all safeties in tackles this season.

A little over a week ago, the Raiders made an announcement that Chaz Schilens was back from his injury and ready to help the Raiders return to excellence. Along with that announcement, they listed all of the players that they had lost to injury and reminded all of us that these players would return.

Schilens ended up missing the Jets game last Sunday, and today Tom Cable said it was doubtful that he would play this week too. He won’t be the only player missing from the roster as the Raiders face the Chargers for the last time this season.

Injuries have been a concern for the Raiders this season. So far, they’ve lost their starting fullback, running back, left guard, right tackle, wide receiver, free safety, and their All-Pro cornerback at times. For most teams, the injuries would show their lack of depth at the position, but at all besides the wide receiver position, that hasn’t been the case. For the most part, the players who’ve filled in for their injured counterparts haven’t been all that bad at getting the job done.

Here’s the list of players who’ve been injured or are injured going into this game with the Chargers as per Tom Cable’s press conference Friday after practice:


Nick Miller (shin – did not practice)
Darren McFadden (knee – did not practice)
Cornell Green (calf – did not practice)
Ricky Brown (ankle – did not practice)


Chaz Schilens (foot – did not practice)
Tony Stewart (chest – did not practice)


Robert Gallery (ankle – limited practice)
Greg Ellis (knee – did not practice)


Louis Murphy (hip – practiced in full)
Bruce Gradkowski (illness – practiced in full)
Chris Johnson (groin – practiced in full)

Asked how Tyvon Branch is doing this season, due to the fact that he leads NFL safeties in tackles, Cable wasn’t as enthusiastic as you might think. “Tyvon, he missed a couple last week, but  for the most part he’s been very consistent and is playing extremely well,” said Cable. “He and Huff both have been very good in their time in there. Tyvon’s played all year, been good at coverage, good at tackling, done a very, very good job.

Cable said that Branch and Huff have played so well that it’s been difficult getting rookie Mike Mitchell on the field. That hasn’t stopped him from trying to figure it out though. “Actually, we’ve kind of approached that issue, maybe getting him involved in some nickel-type stuff as a linebacker, talking about Mike Mitchell.

That’s it until after the game on Sunday. Check back then for a full recap.