Cable allegations nothing more than that

Raiders vs. Eagles
Cable has another off field incident to deal with. The only problem with this one, is that it happened long before he was a Raider.

Monday’s press conference with Tom Cable once again brought out some of the bottom feeders from ESPN to go along with most of the usual suspects. Apparently, ESPN needed more stuff to add to their hatchet piece on Cable’s past relationships with women.

Unfortunately for the four-letter network, they weren’t able to get anything other than, “Well, I released a statement yesterday and I’m going to stand by that statement,” followed by an awkward silence within the press room. Nobody other than Colleen Dominguez and Paula Lavigne was willing to get into all of that.

Why? For one, the allegations are sketchy at best and two, none of it makes a bit of difference in terms of the man coaching the team.

If he had hit my mother, sister, or daughter, I would definitely care, but it would be none of your business and unless he did it yesterday, it shouldn’t be of any concern to the NFL or anybody else. I’m not saying that it’s alright to hit your mate, because it’s not, but we have police, lawyers, judges, and such to take care of those matters–not sports reporters.

If the big-time news agencies investigated Acorn, or some of the other entities with their hands in our pockets, as much as they’ve tried to investigate Cable, then we might not be reading about how news papers are going under right now. The guy is a freaking football coach! The last time I checked, being a football coach didn’t mean you had to make campaign promises…other than winning.

Here’s the story in a nutshell. Cable struck his wife some 20 or more years ago. They divorced, he didn’t chain her up inside some basement and keep her hidden away. Bad marriage, he admittedly made a huge mistake and she never forgave him. He even wrote her a letter at the time, saying that he was wrong at the time.

More than 20 years ago, during my first marriage, I became aware that my wife Sandy had committed adultery. I became very angry and slapped her with an open hand. What I did was wrong and I have regretted and felt sorrow about that moment ever since … The incident involving Ms. Lutz, in which she came to my home uninvited, was fully investigated by the Alameda Police Department and I cooperated fully with that investigation. I never battered her in any way. The police concluded, correctly, that I had done nothing wrong and that was the end of the matter.
– Tom Cable in an emailed statement concerning ESPN’s story about him hitting his ex’s

The next lady is one that pretty much everyone involved with the story should’ve questioned her motives. She not only stated that Cable hit her frequently, but then she also stated that he hit her last January 6th–when Cable’s current wife was there. Cable’s current wife stated that the head coach never reacted violently towards her. It’s also been reported that Ms. Lutz vowed to ruin Cable and his career with the Raiders.

Why did Ms. Lutz come over to Cable’s house uninvited? She wanted to meet the woman he had dumped her for–the current Mrs. Cable. If you can’t see through this story like a clean window on a sunny day, then you’ve either led a charmed life without any relationship angst or you’ve never been in a failed relationship.

On his second marriage where 2008 court documents had his ex-wife stating that he’d hit her, that could be damning. The problem is that there were never any reports during the marriage and in a divorce many terms such as ‘abuse’ are used to get the best outcome of the divorce. The second wife, Glenda Cable, stated Sunday night that he had never hit her by stating, “Throughout the time I have known him, Tom has never been violent to me or our children.

Is hitting a woman alright? No. Should Cable be fired for having anger management issues? Are you freaking kidding me? He’s a football coach! He’s supposed to have anger management issues! Let me just point across the bay to Coach Singletary and his halftime B.A. last year. Had Singletary done that in front of a team of women, he might have been arrested for indecent exposure and fired for sexual harassment.

He didn’t punch Hanson. There are conflicting accounts of the other two women and their stories. What we do know is that he did, at the very minimum, slap his first wife over 20 years ago. Can we move on now?

The Raiders released two separate statements today, one regarding the allegations and the other about ESPN. Here they are in their entirety:


November 2, 2009


Over the last few days, we learned of the allegations made against Coach Cable and we are, of course, aware of his response thereto. In conjunction with the League office, we will undertake a serious evaluation of this matter. We wish to be clear that we do not in any way condone or accept actions such as those alleged. There have been occasions on which we have dismissed Raider employees for having engaged in inappropriate conduct. For reasons of privacy, we kept the basis for those dismissals confidential. We endured public opprobrium for the dismissals, all the while knowing our basis for them was appropriate.


November 2, 2009


ESPN’s role in this matter must be carefully examined. ESPN routinely disseminates falsehoods about the Raiders. During the last year, ESPN (working with someone who was in this organization) engaged in a calculated effort to distort the truth about the Raiders, utilizing lies and innuendo.


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  1. Sketchy, unless you include court records.

    I might be able to understand this stalwart defense of Cable if he were a half decent coach and the Raiders were on their way. I wouldn’t condone it, but I would understand it.

    However, Cable is a crappy coach. He has had two divorces, both of which cite physical and mental abuse as reasons for the divorces. It’s a bit past the unfounded accusation stage.

  2. Paul McDonald (Comment 1): So, you’re saying that the Raiders should only defend Cable if he was a winning Coach?! Wow, I wouldn’t want you on the (judicial) bench. Over 50% of marriages inCA end in divorce. Some people divorce more than once. That’s not because they’re bad people, not necessarily, at least. It’s like anything in life: you try and fail before you try and succeed, in most cases. It’s a learning process, like anything else. Cable doesn’t deserve this. He should sue.

  3. You bone heads have got it all wrong….In a purely Silver and Black universe this is a bump in the road but…In the light of public concern Cable is DONE! The public that does not give a shit about football or the Raiders he is a “woman beater” thats it! He has hit women more than once and has been found to have done so in court. I think he should be fired for his poor coaching but he WILL be gone for this poor judgement throughout his life. Thumping a dude is one thing but….a woman…..PLEASE…..There is NO excuse for this and he must pay for it….Personaly and professionaly. Every womens group will ralley in Alameda to roast this stupid ass…..He is done……Goodby Basic Cable…….!

  4. Raider Greg, Cable “was found to have done so in court”? It was cited as a reason she wanted a divorce in court documents, there was no finding of proof nor confirmation by the court. If he is a wife beater, then he’s an idiot. Let’s not make up our own facts though.

  5. the real story here is WHY ESPN spend their resources digging through dumpsters in Alameda? Have an agenda much?

    Where is the expose on the Steelers and their steroid supplier, I mean Trainer? The list is too long of real things to investigate, but they hate us in Bristol, and I hate them.

  6. Hi there! I found your blog on yahoo. I’m just in the process of designing a blog and wondered how you found the WordPress to install.Anyway, great blog and ill def be visiting again! bye

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