Out at camp today

Today will be my first visit to the Oakland Raiders training camp in Napa, CA, and I picked the wrong day to make my debut.  At the time of this writing, weather.com has the temperature listed at 103 degrees.

I’m glad that I’m not going to be running around in shoulder pads and a helmet, but it should put a damper on the activity today in practice.

The biggest buzz surrounding the Raiders right now is the news that Chaz Schilens may undergo arthroscopic knee surgery prior to the start of the season. The surgery isn’t expected to keep him out of action long, but there’s a good chance that the Raiders will wait most of the first half for his return — similar to last season.

Cable explained Monday to the media, “The only guy who probably won’t get back looks to be Chaz Schilens. He actually is seeing a specialist for a knee issue and he may need a procedure, a scope procedure done. We’ll find that out as well this afternoon.

That was yesterday, so I guess we’ll all find out later today.