Seahawks at Raiders game log

The Raiders have scratched Jason Campbell, Michael Bush, Joey Thomas, Alex Daniels, Chaz Schilens, Desmond Bryant, and Jay Richardson. The Seahawks have scratched Josh Pinkard, Josh Wilson, Leroy Hill, Aaron Curry, Chester Pitts, Ray Willis, Russell Okung, Anthony McCoy, Chris Baker, and Kentwan Balmer, while adding Tyler Polumbus and James Wyche.

There looks to be maybe 7,000 people in attendance. Without the 49ers in town and it being the final preseason game, there isn’t as much interest in this game — much like the home games towards the end of last season.

The Seahawks start the game with Charlie Whitehurst as the starting quarterback. It’s likely that we won’t see any starters in this game. After a holding penalty on a Julius Jones carry for no gain, Whitehurst to Deon Butler for 11 yards, but Hiram Eugene makes a big-time tackle to make it third and eight. Whitehurst scrambles on third down, but Ricky Brown keeps him from getting the first down.

The Raiders backfield is Bruce Gradkowski, Michael Bennet, and Manase Tonga. Gradkowski throws deep to Darrius Heyward-Bey, who is fenced off from getting to the ball from Seattle corner Kelly Jennings. The officials throw a flag for pass interference, putting the Raiders on the Seahawks 32 yard line. Two plays later, Gradkowski tosses a short pass to Tonga, who takes the wheel rout to the house for the touchdown. Raiders up 7-0.

The Seahawks do nothing on their next possession. After a two-yard gain by Jones, Whitehurst throws deep to Mike Williams, but it’s incomplete. Walter McFadden comes off the field favoring his right leg. Whitehurst again throws on third and eight, but Ben Obomanu can’t come up with it while Jeremy Ware is covering him.

The Raiders start their next possession from their own 36 after a 10-yard punt return by Johnnie Lee Higgins. On first and 10, Gradkowski throws to the right sideline for DHB, who makes a great sideline grab before going out of bounds. DHB is pumped up after making the nice play. The Raiders would muster just seven more yards to get to the Seahawks’ 23 and call on Swayze Waters for a field goal. Raiders up 10-3.

On the kickoff, the Raiders’ special teams lets them down again. Cord Parks returns the kickoff 54 yards to get to the Raiders’ 31 yard line. The Raiders’ defense holds again, keeping Seattle from getting a first down, but from the 25, Olindo Mare kicks the field goal. Raiders on top 10-3 with 7:03 remaining in the first quarter.

Yamon Figurs finally has a good return. He takes the kickoff from the Raiders’ seven to the 41 yard line for a 34-yard gain. The Raiders are unable to move the ball and in the process Gradkowski is sacked, forcing the Raiders to punt. Lechler punts 46 yards, and rather than run up and catch the punt, former Cal standout Justin Forsett allows the ball to bounce. The ball goes off of Forsett’s hand and is recovered by rookie safety Stevie Brown. The Raiders get the ball at the Seattle 16 yard line.

Gradkowski throws to Brandon Myers for 13 yards, setting the Raiders up with a first and goal from the three. On first down, Gradkowski throws to a wide open DHB for the touchdown, but the touchdown is nullified due to an illegal substitution penalty on Erik Pears. Gradkowski, from the nine yard line, then passes to Johnnie Lee Higgins for the touchdown. Raiders up 17-3 with 3:57 remaining.

On the kickoff, Parks has another great return, but this time the officials see that he had some illegal help. Instead of it being first and 10 from their own 27, it’s first and 10 from their 17. Swayze Waters made the play on the kickoff, pushing Parks out of bounds and then having some words with the Seattle cornerback.

Mike Williams catches a Whitehurst pass for 19 yards giving the Seahawks a first and 10 from their own 37. Three plays later, on third and eight from their own 39, Whitehurst connects with Forsett for 10 yards. On second and 10 from their own 49, Whitehurst hits Golden Tate on the right sideline for 31 yards. Troubling for the Raiders, because Chris Johnson was the corner beat on the play — even though he had decent coverage, getting beat by a rookie doesn’t bode well. Cameron Morrah nearly puts the Seahawks on the five yard line, but Stevie Brown makes the hit and forces Morrah to drop the pass.

The first quarter ends with the Seahawks on the Raiders’ 20 and it being third and 10.

END OF 1st QTR — Raiders 17 – Seahawks 3

The Seahawks aren’t able to advance the ball and call on Mare for another field goal. Raiders up 17-6 with 14:12 to go in the half.

On the kickoff, Yamon Figurs returns the ball 30 yards from the goal line, helping the Raiders to start their next possession from their own 30.

On second and nine, Gradkowski rolls to his right and hits a crossing John Owens, who takes the ball from the 38 to the Raiders’ 49. On third and eight, the Seahawks bring the blitz, nearly sacking Gradkowski before he’s able to throw it away. After nearly 19 minutes of play, the Raiders have eight rushes for eight yards. The Raiders punt to the Seahawks — this time Forsett fair catches the ball at the Seattle 10.

Whitehurst hits Williams for a nine-yard play, Forsett gets a five yard run, then on first and 10 from the Seahawks’ 24, Whitehurst throws short to Forsett who gets blown up by Mike Mitchell — the pass is incomplete. On third and 10, Whitehurst picks on Chris Johnson again, hitting Obomanu deep for 37 yards. Johnson didn’t do anything to hold up the receiver on the line and got beat pretty good. After two running plays for a net 15 yards, the Seahawks try running Golden Tate, but the Raiders stop it for a loss of two. On second and 12, Thomas Howard tries to call timeout, but the officials don’t see him — the result is a 26-yard pass to Deon Butler for a touchdown. Raiders lead 17-13.

On the kickoff, Mare kicks it into the stands. One reporter exclaims, ‘that must have went 90 yards in the air!’ The stadium announcer announces in shock that Mare kicked it into the stands as well. After a three-yard run by Michael Bennett, Gradkowski throws to Higgins for a 15-yard gain. The drive stalls when Gradkowski is forced to throw quickly to JLH for an incomplete pass. Swayze Waters comes on to punt and doesn’t get much of it, but it takes a Raiders bounce and goes for 49 yards, where it’s downed on the Seattle 10.

Seattle has little trouble moving the ball on their possession. Deon Butler gains 14 yards on a bootleg pass that puts Seattle on their own 37. Chris Johnson gets victimized again the next play, but this time it wasn’t anything he did wrong. Butler makes the 31-yard grab to get to Oakland’s 32, but the pass was perfectly thrown out of the reach of Johnson, who still almost knocked the ball away.

At the two-minute warning, Seattle has the ball on the Raiders’ 34 and it’s second and 13.

On third and seven from the Raiders’ 28, Jeremy Ware defends a would-be first down pass to Butler. Mare comes in for the 46 yard field goal. Raiders still lead 17-16.

Jacoby Ford takes the kickoff from the four and returns it to the Oakland 25. The Raiders’ drive stalls three plays, forcing them to punt it back to the visiting team. With 26 seconds left in the half, it’s unlikely Seattle will be able to score before the two teams go into the locker room.

After moving the ball to the Raiders’ 45, Whitehurst throws to the end zone. With three Seahawks and just one Raider in the vicinity of the pass, it appears the Raider came up with it, but Seattle tight end Cameron Morrah stands up with the ball. Unfortunately for Seattle, offensive guard Mansfield Wrotto is called for holding and the half ends with the Raiders on top 17-16.

End of the 1st half — Raiders 17 – Seahawks 16

Kyle Boller will be the Raiders quarterback and J.P. Losman will direct drives for the Seahawks to start the third quarter. The Raiders go three and out on their first possession, but Boller does get the longest run from scrimmage on the drive by scrambling out of the pocket for six yards.

Seattle’s first drive yields the same results. Interesting note, both former Raiders Losman and Louis Rankin are in Seattle’s backfield for the three-play drive that stalls at the Seahawks’ 35. Yamon Figurs muffs the punt at the six, recovers the ball and gains two yards on the return. The Raiders end up starting their second possession on the three yard line due to an illegal block on Joe Porter.

The Raiders start getting the running game going with Michael Bennett. Bennett gets a six yard run, then follows up with a 15 yard run. Boller then connects with rookie Jacoby Ford for 62 yards, putting the Raiders on the Seattle 14. Bruce Campbell is called for holding, Michael Bennett rushes for eight yards, and then Boller completes a 16-yard pass to a diving Nick Miller for the touchdown. Raiders up 24-16.

Seattle starts their drive from their own 33. Thanks to a penalty on Chris Cooper for roughing the passer, the Seahawks move to the Raiders’ 49 yard line. Losman nearly throws a pick to Jeremy Ware, but the rookie corner lets the ball go right through his arms. The Seahawks punt to Nick Miller, who receives it from the Raiders’ nine and moves it forward to the 14.

On third and four from their own 20, Boller connects with Rock Cartwright for 11 yards and a first down at the 31. Boller goes back to Cartwright on second and 10 from the 31, passing about five yards over the middle. Cartwright takes the ball and scampers towards the right sidelines for a 27-yard gain, putting the Raiders on Seattle’s 42.

After a holding penalty on Chris Morris, the Raiders faced a second and 13 from the 45, when Michael Bennett took the ball off the right tackle for a 12-yard gain that set up a third and one play where Bennett went off the left tackle for eight more yards and a first down at the Seahawks’ 25.

End of the third quarter — Raiders 24 – Seahawks 16

Pears was called for holding on second and eight, putting the Raiders in a third and 18 hole. Boller hits Shaun Bodiford as he cuts from the right to the left and Bodiford runs down the sideline, but he slips trying to make a cut, with his foot going out of bounds one yard shy of the first down. Boller runs the keeper on fourth and one for the first down at Seattle’s 14.

With third and seven at Seattle’s 11, Boller throws to Brandon Myers in the end zone, but Myers lets the ball go through his hands. Waters comes on for a 29 yard field goal kick. The Raiders up on the Seahawks, 27-16 with 12:23 left in the game.

Special teams does it again. Louis Rankin returns the Swayze Waters kickoff for 98 yards and a touchdown. Seattle attempts a two-point conversion with Losman passing to Ruvell Martin from the shotgun. Conversion is good. The Raiders lead 27-24 with 12:10 to go.

The Raiders start their drive from their own 25. After Boller was able to complete a 14-yard pass to Figurs on third and six, the Raders offensive line self destructed. Holding on Jared Veldheers, Bruce Campbell, and then a declined holding on Campbell to go along with a false start on Erik Pears, the Raiders found themselves in a third and 25 situation from their own 28. Boller scrambled for six yards, but tackler Roy Lewis was called for taunting, giving the Raiders a first and 10 from their own 49.

Two plays later, it was third and 11 when Boller threw to Jacoby Ford, who had slipped on the ground. The pass hit Ford’s hands, then Seattle defender Kennard Cox tried to grab the ball, but ended up knocking it up and back a couple of yards, and the ball landed in Shaun Bodiford’s hands at the Seattle 41. Before the Raiders could run a fourth and half yard play, the play was reviewed, but the officials ruled that it was a catch. Boller ran the keeper for the first down at around the 40 with 7:19 to play.

On third and five from the Seattle 35, Boller’s shotgun pass to Jacoby Ford fell incomplete, but Roy Lewis unloaded on Ford and was penalized for unnecessary roughness, putting the Raiders in a first and 10 situation at the Seattle 19.

After a 10 yard run and a four yard run by Bennett, the Raiders had the ball on the six yard line on second and goal. Bennett went for four yards, then for one more and the Raiders faced a fourth and goal from the Seattle one. Bennett was stopped for a loss of one yard and the Seahawks took over at their two with 3:09 remaining, down 27-24.

Seattle’s J.P. Losman threw to Golden Tate on first down from the two, and Jeremy Ware picked it off at the 37, but was called for pass interference. Losman then scrambled for 17 yards and after two plays, the Seahawks were on their own 43 yard line with a first down. Losman then threw three incomplete passes, making it fourth and 10 from their own 43 — Losman threw to an open Ruvell Martin, but the pass was off and incomplete for a turnover on downs with just 2:17 to play.

Raiders win 27-24.