Monday Cable: Just cut it loose

Nov 1, 2009; San Diego, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable walks off the field after the game against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers defeated the Raiders 24-16. Photo via Newscom

Tom Cable spoke with reporters today and reiterated what he’d said after Sunday’s game with the Titans: The team needed to relax more and go out and ‘cut it loose.’

The most disappointing thing was just coming out and not cutting it loose,” said Cable who’s record as the head coach of the Raiders is 9-20. In 11 of those losses, the Raiders have been outscored 376-98 by their opposition, and cutting it loose was the least of their problems.

Cable continued, “I think that, probably more than anything, bothers me on film. But every issue that’s on that film, we’ve been through and probably had it happen already during preseason and have been able to fix it, so we need to be a little more focused, a little more attention to detail, and don’t let this one beat you again. That’s really the big issue.

The Raiders’ most glaring deficiency against Tennessee was their pass offense, so it’s not a shock that much of the inquisition was geared towards Jason Campbell and pass protection. While his offensive line may not have done a good job protecting his signal caller, Cable was an All-Pro during his press conference.

Asked how Campbell handled adversity in his first official start as a Raider, Cable replied, “You know, he seemed fine on the sideline. I couldn’t tell you in terms of the huddle. He didn’t mismanage anything or anything like that. He was fine.

While Cable wasn’t going to rip his starting quarterback, he did give a hint to reporters that he didn’t think Campbell was perfect as he continued that thought. “I think he just kind of represented our whole football team, just really not able to turn it loose and play. A little too cautious for all of us, and that’s just unfortunate, especially in your opener, because you really thought you’d go down there and make a statement, and we didn’t do that.

Whether or not you believe Campbell is tipping the snap, Cable says you should do your homework first. When asked if the staff had identified any tip-off of the snap count, Cable replied, “That’s a great crowd. Seriously. Guys, if you do your homework, they’ve led the league for years now in opponents’ false starts, presnap penalties.

So, in essence, the Titans were able to get in the backfield so quickly due to crowd noise. “It’s loud. It’s really loud. Maybe they see something, but that’s really kind of that deal in that stadium, if you do  your home work, you kind of know they lead the league in false starts and all those kinds of things.

Cable also said that Campbell didn’t seem gunshy after getting hit so many times during the game. Asked if there was a noticeable change in his confidence or demeanor, Cable quickly shot down the question. “No, no, no, no no. Jason’s fine. Just we had a bad day. We’re not going to sit around and over analyze it or overcook it. We’re going to look at what the issues are and fix it. We feel great about our team. We just really did not play very well yesterday, but the cool thing is you can put your hand on what it is. It’s unfortunate at the same time.

The one thing that everyone who saw the game could agree on is that the Raiders need to get better on their offensive line. Cable wouldn’t say if there would be any lineup changes going into the Rams game, but he also didn’t say there wouldn’t be either. “We’ll see about all that as we get down the road. There were some positives in that game. We ran the football pretty good and consistently with a nice average.

Basically, cutting it loose is the mantra of this week for the Raiders. Other than pass protection, the biggest focus in the passing game will be just that. “Just relax and go play. Just cut it loose. That’s what we are. One thing we know about us is when we just go play fast and cut it loose in any of the three phases, that’s when we’re a good football team. And I think to come out and to not get busy right away kind of set us back, and we kind of took a backseat approach to it rather than being the driver, and that’s what we have to be.

What he means is that is what they have to be in order to win. What they have to be, as far as Al Davis and Raider Nation are concerned, are winners. More losses like on opening day, will do nothing but shorten Cable’s leash and eventually he’ll need someone to protect his job like he’s currently doing for Campbell.

Those questions haven’t come up yet.

There was no word on injuries Monday. Cable promised that he would update the media on Wednesday of all Raider injuries. Raider Rants will be posting the transcript of Cable’s press conference shortly.