Erik Pears back on the roster

The biggest buzz surrounding the facility today is, “Who did the Raiders cut to make room for Erik Pears?” That began about 10 minutes into the media locker room session this morning when the on again, off again, Raiders offensive lineman showed up to get some things from his locker.

Pears was asked if coming back had been discussed upon his release. “No. I don’t know what the reason was. I just signed on the line. I’m back.” Apparently, Pears had a workout with Pete Carroll and the Seahawks, but then the Raiders called him up. “I worked out at Seattle,” said the fifth-year offensive lineman. “Flew into Seattle on Monday and worked out for them one time. Then the Raiders started talking to me so I’d rather come back here.

No word yet on what the Raiders did in order to make room for Pears, but they could put one of their injured players on IR other than cutting someone.

Pears already has the party line down pat. He saw the game on Sunday and when asked about his thoughts, “Um, you know, obviously, it wasn’t perfect,” he said diplomatically. “Had some things going on but, you know, just got to get them fixed.

Out at practice, plenty of players were missing. The only player not on the field who hadn’t been listed with an injury of some sort was Nnamdi Asomugha. Yamon Figurs (stinger), Walter McFadden (hamstring), Travis Goethel (lower back), Robert Gallery (hamstring), Chaz Schilens (knee), and Richard Seymour (hamstring) were all missing from the practice field. Of that group, only Goethel was seen earlier in the locker room.

The consensus in the press room, as of this writing, is that Figurs is the odd man out. Don’t read much into that, because none of us have a clue what sort of creative method the Raiders used to bring in another O-lineman.

Other notes and quotes:

The Raiders are gearing up for home games this season by partnering with the Ace Train, BART, and Amtrack as methods of transportation to the games. Riding Amtrack from Sacramento, if you show your game ticket on the day of the game, you’ll get a deep discount on the ride.

You’ll probably want to come to Oakland via train if you plan on partaking in the Hennessy Black zone which will be on the west side of the coliseum or the New Amsterdam Gin zone on the east side.

There will be plenty of stuff for the kids to do. The Raiders have expanded the kid zone in the south portion of the stadium, and have teamed up with Pixar Animation Studios to be a part of that. Pixar will also be heavily involved with Raiderville in the south parking lot. I’ll try and get more information on that posted later.

Louis Murphy was asked in the locker room about how the receivers could get more involved with the offense. It wasn’t the type of question you’d expect for a receiver, but he did his best to answer it. “We just gotta’, you know uh…I mean we had some great play calls, you know, in,” started the second-year receiver with hesitation.

We gotta’ get up front protected, get Jason protected, and just put the ball out for us and make plays. We gotta’ come out and make plays. There was some plays that we left out on the field that I feel I could’ve made and other receivers could have made.

In other words…get them an offensive line.

As far as the snap being tipped off to the Titans defensive front, starting quarterback Jason Campbell was asked about it. Finally, a Raider was open to the possibility that the quarterback was doing just that. The best person to do it, is that same quarterback…which is what he did.

We did all kind of studies this week on it, I studied myself, see if there was anything I was doing, the offensive line studied themselves, see if there was anything they were doing. We were doing some different things at the line of scrimmage. There were different things that was going on in the game, and it’s between us as a team, but at the same time, we have to understand that we can learn from the tape and see why they were getting off so well, because if that’s just the way they get off, then I take my hat off to them, but at the same time I want to see if we were tipping anything off.

For what it’s worth, there was some talk that some of the Titans players mentioned Campbell was moving his shoulders at the time of the snap. That is something that the Raiders should be concerned with, but nobody should be as concerned as Campbell — being that he’s the one that is going to get killed because of it.

Tom Cable is about to come in and address the media, so I’ll cover more of this morning’s events later, along with Cable’s interview with the media.