Raiders dealing with agony of defeat

Oct 17, 2010; San Francisco, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders receiver Louis Murphy (18) stiff arms San Francisco 49ers safety Taylor Mays (23) on a 43-yard end around at Candlestick Park. Photo via Newscom
Oct 17, 2010; San Francisco, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders receiver Louis Murphy (18) stiff arms San Francisco 49ers safety Taylor Mays (23) on a 43-yard end around at Candlestick Park. Photo via Newscom

The Raiders will need to figure out what it is that prevents them from being a winning organization this week. The rule for getting over wins and losses is 24 hours — but that is for the players. Raiders fans most likely will take the entire week for this one, and 49ers fans will be sure to extend that sorrow for as long as they can.

That’s just how life is in the bay.

Raiders players were not happy about losing against the 49ers after the game. Here are just some of the quotes from players we were able to get for you.

Nnamdi Asomugha

(On having the 49ers offense under control until the second half)

“It was really a couple drives. It was only one drive in the first half and it was the end of the first half where we just needed to tighten up a little more. That was pretty much all they did. Then at the end of the game that one run looked like it was that defining moment when it shouldn’t have been. It seemed like after that one run it was like now they had all of the momentum. Those are the points where we need to get over the hump. When that big play happens at the end of the game it’s not over. But the momentum swung at that point. That’s when they got us.”

(On the Raiders switching up to zone on the Michael Crabtree touchdown grab)

“Yeah it was [a zone]. We said in man situations I’d be on him. If we want to go to the zone we’ll switch it up. That situation was a play we practiced during the week. We went to the zone and they beat us and they shouldn’t have beat us on that play because we knew it was coming. Our safety just has to get his head around and make that play.”

(On the Vernon Davis touchdown)

“Another play that we practiced all week. The thing that’s trick with that play is you have to honor the run and you have to honor the player. If he’s blocking for about three seconds or it seems, you might be thinking run or something like that. Then he just went back to the other side of the field. It’s a tough play. They did it against Seattle so we were preparing for it and they got us at the right time with that one.”

(On when the momentum swung towards the 49ers)

“I think we were fine until the run. I think we were completely fine until Frank Gore broke that run. Then I saw the momentum shift. Even after the deep touchdown I still thought we were fine. After that run you saw it shift completely.”

(On the Raiders not being able to come up with back to back wins since the end of 2008)

“Oh boy. We didn’t even make a big deal of it this year.  It’s not like we pounded it. It’s not like one of those situations where you’re always harping on something and then that makes you blow it. We didn’t even talk about it. The thing we talked about was winning another game, owning California after two weeks.  It didn’t happen.  It’s a great point that you bring up. We haven’t been to put those two together.”

Robert Gallery

(On the day the offense had)

“We started off the game moving the ball but we didn’t put it in the end zone like we needed to and then after that we kind of went stagnant. We didn’t take advantage of the opportunities that we had and that was the name of the game.”

(On whether or not offensive linemen enjoy low scoring, high running games)

“They have a physical defense. We knew that coming it. It’s the type of game we like to play, with the rain and all that. That’s what you want. It comes down to us not taking advantage of the opportunities we had. That’s really all I can say.”

Stanford Routt

(On defenses letting up big plays through the course of a game)

“It’s a football game. They’re going to make their plays, we got to make ours. At the end of the day, we just got to make more plays than they do at the end of the game, and we didn’t do that.”

(On if he thought this game would come down to a couple of plays)

“Yeah, we definitely knew it was going to be a close game. We knew it wasn’t going to be a blowout, one way or the other. We knew it was going to come down to a street fight, that it was going to come down to all four quarters. We just got to make it happen next time.”

(On why it’s so difficult to win two straight in the NFL)

“I really wouldn’t say there’s anything that makes it hard. We just didn’t get it done today. It’s that simple. It just so happens that this game came after our historical, whatever you want to call it, victory over San Diego. I don’t think it’s hard at all.”

(On if the Raiders’ loss was physical or mental)

“It was definitely mental. We beat ourselves, plain and simple.”

Kamerion Wimbley

(On the big plays the Raiders gave up during the game)

“I think that we just didn’t take advantage of our opportunities when we had them. They were able to make some plays late in the game that were instrumental in helping them secure this victory. That’s pretty much my take on that.”

(On what happened to allow Gore’s long run in the fourth quarter)

“I’ll go back and look at it on film and see what happened. I think he just made a really good run. He was able to, I guess, squeeze through a little gap and take it the distance to put them in position to score.”

(On the missed opportunities in the game)

“Well, I think we did an excellent job in the first three quarters of, you know, shutting down Gore and stopping their offense. And in this last quarter they were able to make some big plays that definitely hurt us. So they took the chance for us to win the game out our hands. And so that’s pretty much what I’m talking about.”

(On not being able to get back to .500 for the season)

“Well, I think we haven’t taken advantage of our opportunities this season. We definitely should [have] a winning record. Our record should be different than it is now. It’s disappointing so far but we just gotta keep working and just try to get better. That’s all we can do.”

Richard Seymour

(On how disappointing it is to follow up a big win with a loss)

“We take it one game at a time. I don’t really look at anything that happened in the past or anything that’ll happen in the future, you know? Just take it one game at a time, and we didn’t get the job done today. I mean, heh-heh, it’s a very disappointing loss, to say the least. I just felt like we didn’t take advantage of opportunities. I mean, if you want to write a caption: not taking advantage of the opportunities. And you know what? You let a team hang around long enough, hand around and don’t deliver the knockout, that’s what’ll happen.”

(On containing Gore for most of the game and then letting up a big run)

“That’s been the tale of our season. I mean, we held most of the backs that we’ve gone against, other than the Texans, I think we held ‘em all in check. But one run will pop out. It’s very disappointing to see that happen.”

(On the defensive emphasis about avoiding big plays)

“You never know when that play is gonna come, so you always got to stay on your toes. Like I said, the tale of the game is just, you know, not taking advantage of your opportunities. Because they were there. I mean, we had the game. And missed opportunities is really what it comes down to.”

(On if those missed opportunities are just on defense)

“Oh, everybody. Everybody’s involved in it. I’m speaking on the team. I’m included. No one’s exempt. We just gotta go back to the drawing board. It’s very disappointing. But you take it on the chin and you move forward.”

Jason Campbell

(On red zone opportunities)

“Yeah, just missed opportunities. That’s the only thing we can say. We came out driving the ball, the first half we were moving the ball well. Kind of stalled in the second quarter, and then in the third quarter we only had a series, and we’ve just got to convert on third downs and give ourselves a better opportunity to be on the field longer and make plays. Got to take your hat off to their defense. They did play hard, did a good job, but at the same time, we had the momentum early in the game and we should have scored some touchdowns and made it a lot harder for them.”

(On why so many missed opportunities)

“We just got to, I don’t know, execute better. Execute better and stay on top of our assignments.”

(On passing game rhythm)

“It was tough. I just didn’t feel like we got to the rhythm, and just felt like, it’s a slugfest, but at the same time, we gotta make some plays. We gotta make some plays, I gotta make some plays, and try to get ourselves in rhythm. But we really didn’t get into a rhythm in the second half.”

(On the difficulty to get the offense going when not on the field much in the middle of the game)

“Yeah, it’s tough, it’s tough. Rhythm is all about timing and executing, and I just didn’t feel like we found that rhythm in the second half, the way we came out in the game, we got in the game, had a big play on the first play, get a pass interference call, and feel like we’re rolling. To not come out with points, it seemed like the air kind of went out of us, for whatever reason we just didn’t get into a rhythm in the second half.”

(On if he was pressing too much as the game wore on)

“I didn’t feel any pressure coming into the game. I just felt like, come out there, play and be yourself and play hard and try and go out and execute the game, and if the opportunities are there to run, use your feet to get some first downs, do some different things. Like I said, we started off strong, just didn’t get those touchdowns its kind of like the air went out of it, we’ve just got to maintain, and keep fighting. Like I said, the guy made a great interception on the play to Zach. It was a frustrating day, a frustrating day. We lost a lot of opportunities and we will do better next time. I don’t see this happening to us again.”

Zach Miller

(On if he was being double covered throughout the day)

“Yeah, they made sure they ran a linebacker underneath me and a safety over the top, with a lot of bracket. Other times they didn’t thouogh. But they did pay some attention to me.”

(On if it’s deflating to have a long drive and come away with just a field goal)

“We just want points, so coming away with three is fine. It’s just you can’t waste those opportunities time in and time out. You gotta put it in the endzone.”

(On why the offense fell flat after the first two drives)

“We just weren’t executing. We were never good on third down. When we were in third down, it was third and long a lot of times and that hurts. As an offense, we didn’t execute.”

(On the disappointment of not getting back to back wins)

“It’s tough because of the way we started. We started pretty fast on offense. It could have been 14-0 if we had just converted in the red zone. We didn’t do it, it’s 6-0 and then we just don’t stay on the field as an offense. We left our defense out there too long and eventually they are going to score. We had a chance at the end to do something and we never do anything.”

Tommy Kelly

(On the loss)

“That’s the story of the Raider. Play good, play good … BOOM! There goes something. To go from the high of last week to this low, it’s rough.”

(On the 49ers)

“I don’t think that team is better than us, even though they did win.”

(On having the 49ers on the ropes early)

“They were ready to get the f#!& knocked out. But we wanna jab and jab and jab. You need to knock a motherf$%#er out with that right and we just didn’t throw that right.”


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  1. As long as Al Davis runs things, the players never have to answer to Curly, playing hard the whole game is optional, focus is minimal and talent on the “O” line and at NT is nonexistent. Rolando still takes himself out of most plays and tackles like a girl. And now for the bad news……..

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