McClain stops media dead in their tracks

McClain won't talk to reporters until Raider Nation gets their butts in the stands. (Photo by Kelly Thomas)

Rolando McClain hasn’t spoken to the local media in months. According to Jerry McDonald, it started after the opening day loss to the Tennessee Titans, but even during training camp McClain went out of his way to avoid the guys with the notebooks and pens.

Some of the most notable comments that McClain has uttered during the season are, “No,” “Nope,” and “I got two seconds, and I’ll be using both of them to eat.

Today, McClain again used the answer, “No,” before stopping and saying, “Actually, I do have something to say.

Then he revealed what it was by saying, “If the fans come out and we can sell out a damn game, I’ll talk to the media. Until then…I need full fan support.

So rather than answer questions about his play, his experiences, or his team, the rookie from Alabama has chosen to call out his fans.

Gotta’ hand it to him, he’s got some nerve. Forget the fact that the Raiders haven’t been good in seven years. Forget for a moment that up until the last two weeks, these Raiders looked more like the Raiders of last season than they did the team that last went to the Super Bowl in 2002. Forget for a moment that California has a 12% unemployment rate and the economy is spiraling down the drain with each day.

Obviously, McClain hasn’t even considered any of those reasons for the low turnout (35,721 paid attendance) on Sunday. When you have a five-year, $40 million contract, you can afford to do that. Maybe, just maybe, he should consider speaking to the the 35,721 fans that did pay to watch him play.

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This article has 10 Comments

  1. Just live up to the hype McClain, before you call out the loyal Raider fans. Those fans are the same ones that watched every draft pick in the last 7 years underachieve, loss after loss, a QB lop, an insane owner, coaches in and out, players picked up and released over night.Let us get use to this. If you win this weekend we’ll be there Rolondo.

  2. Raiders fans in the bay area and in the surrounding areas need to get those seats filled. I’m not buying into the 12% unemployment rate , the people that can afford to go should be there so the unemployed can watch it on the TV. Come on, the 49ers sellout, you saying less unemployed 49ers fans. The way the raiders have played against SD, Denver & Seattle the deserve some fan support. I live in Costa Rica and I go to 3 to 4 home games a year. Try to catch back to back home games. That cost me at least 2000 bucks to go to back to back home games airfare and stay for 2 weeks. I do have family in the bay area, so no hotel expense. If the Oakland raiders fans continue to stay away from the games, the Raiders will have no choice but to move back to LA, and I won’t blame Al this time. Also for me they have direct flights to LA and it’s a lot cheaper to fly there with a lot less air time with no layover. Oakland fans will be crying in there soup and blaming AL but in reality it could have been avoided just by going to the games. That’s right Oakland raiders fans, stay away and lose the team. For people on a budget, sit in the noise bleed seats and take Bart to the game. 45 dollars for a ticket and there not bad seats.

  3. I have been a die hard Raider fan since 1963 and because of my enthusiasm for the team; the rest of my large family became Raider fans. However, I finally gave up my club level season tickets because of the pathetic, constant losing that was caused by the way Al Davis and the way he runs the franchise. Al Davis is terrible at player talent evaluation, scheming and ignorant of the basic rules of putting together a playoff caliber team. The basis being that the “O” line and “D” lines have to be built with at least above average talent to win the line of scrimmage. When this kind of talent is in place, then focus on the skill positions. Great linemen elevate the play of the players behind them but the reverse is not true. Al Davis undermines his coaches which allow the players to get away with being late to meetings, sleeping during game film sessions, practicing and playing with little discipline and almost never a 100% effort. Essentially Al Davis has made the Raiders and the Raider fans the laughing stock of the NFL. I still watch the games at home but will never buy another Raider game ticket until Al Davis relinquishes full control of the team to competent hands.

    As far as Rolondo McClain’s comments, he should become much better at game film study so he quits taking such bad angles to the ball carrier, angles that tie him up in traffic so that he misses the tackle. What’s more, he should learn how to tackle like a real NFL MLB. The current 2 game winning steak has been fun to watch and begs the question; has Al Davis finally given full control to his coaches? If it proves to be the case, I will return but only if Rolondo quits tackling like a girl.

  4. I live in Alabama travel to see the Raiders whenever they come close. In the past I have been a season ticket holder knowing I could’nt make but one or maybe two games. I support my team!!! When the boys came to Tennessee, I was there…. When they come to Jacksonville in December I’ll be there..To live in the Bay Area and not go out and see this team is unacceptable!!! People go out and see the team they look pretty good! I have the NFL Sunday Tickets so I can watch them every Sunday,, I’m a Fan.. Go Raiders!!!!!

  5. As soon as Mclain stops over running the play, and rb’s stop going to the house through the hole that he was supposed to plug – then he can talk about the attendance.
    Al Davis has ruined the team. so what if they are 4 and 4. Come back to us when the team is 8-8. This team has sucked since gruden was sent packing. instead of the Raiders winning a super bowl or two by now (like the steelers). We have been deplorable sans gruden. The one year by callahan was an aberation. Anyway, I’ve had the nfl ticket for over 10 years. I have watched almost every game. This team is not as bad as year’s past, but they aren’t special either. That man on man coverage will get exposed soon. just wait. None of the Raiders secondary are good at coverage except Namdi. I hope that Dmac doesn’t get hurt again, or we are looking at 6-10.

  6. I have respect for the rookie calling out the fans. This team needs some support just for giving the Raider Nation fans some hope for a change. I also understand the economy and how hard it is for some. If there ever was a time in the past several years to scrape together the pennies and go to the game this is it. Unfortunately I live in West Virginia so going to Oakland would be tough. I did however just purchase 2 tickets for the Pittsburgh/Oakland game. I’ll be the crazy azz guy 26 rows up on the Raiders side of the field around the 25 yd line. Just about bankrupted my azz to purchase them. It will be my daughters 1st Raider game. I’m showing my support and will make as much noise as possible. I need to find some Raiders fans to do a bit of pre-game tailgating Raider style. Last game I went to was a Redskin/Raiders game in Washington. I made so much noise I had over 1/2 the stadium booing me. It was awesome. My wife kept asking me if we were safe!

  7. I’ve been to very home game since 2005. I’m a true fan and yes
    We need more fan support so come out if you call yourself a real
    Raider fan. Go Raiders!!! Just win baby!!!

  8. Rolando – When you CONSISTENTLY learn which gap to fill, then maybe Oakland will “sell out a damn game.”

  9. i will be using my season tickets to go to this game…. i havnt been to a game since rams…… i make a 3 hour drive there and a three hour drive back home…. just to watch my team since 98 me and my bro have had season tickets.. i just refused to go with a insane owner and a defense who rushes 4 defenders … but all this is changing… our defense is not listening to al davis… our D coordinator finally realizes its HIS job on the LINE if ur gnna be fired anyways atleast call your OWN defense ya know? imagine when gradkowski comes back… we will be introduced to all our WRs again not just checkdowns but checkdowns and WR and TE action

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