McClain stops media dead in their tracks

McClain won't talk to reporters until Raider Nation gets their butts in the stands. (Photo by Kelly Thomas)

Rolando McClain hasn’t spoken to the local media in months. According to Jerry McDonald, it started after the opening day loss to the Tennessee Titans, but even during training camp McClain went out of his way to avoid the guys with the notebooks and pens.

Some of the most notable comments that McClain has uttered during the season are, “No,” “Nope,” and “I got two seconds, and I’ll be using both of them to eat.

Today, McClain again used the answer, “No,” before stopping and saying, “Actually, I do have something to say.

Then he revealed what it was by saying, “If the fans come out and we can sell out a damn game, I’ll talk to the media. Until then…I need full fan support.

So rather than answer questions about his play, his experiences, or his team, the rookie from Alabama has chosen to call out his fans.

Gotta’ hand it to him, he’s got some nerve. Forget the fact that the Raiders haven’t been good in seven years. Forget for a moment that up until the last two weeks, these Raiders looked more like the Raiders of last season than they did the team that last went to the Super Bowl in 2002. Forget for a moment that California has a 12% unemployment rate and the economy is spiraling down the drain with each day.

Obviously, McClain hasn’t even considered any of those reasons for the low turnout (35,721 paid attendance) on Sunday. When you have a five-year, $40 million contract, you can afford to do that. Maybe, just maybe, he should consider speaking to the the 35,721 fans that did pay to watch him play.

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