Schilens still working hard to get back on the field

Chaz Schilens was somewhat of an afterthought in 2008 when the Raiders drafted him in the seventh round of the NFL draft. He had been injured his senior season at San Diego State, the Raiders had already signed Javon Walker for the season, and Arman Shields was drafted by the team in the fourth round of the same draft. On top of all that, he’d have to compete with two other receivers drafted (Johnnie Lee Higgins and Jonathan Holland) in the 2007 draft.


Raiders at Chiefs: Raider Rants Keys to the Game

Last week, the Oakland Raiders surprised many of the naysayers–including this one. From the start of their battle with San Diego until the end, the Raiders played so well that many left game concluding that they ‘should have’ won. Some have even considered the loss a victory of some sort.

One person not looking at it that way is Raiders’ head coach Tom Cable. “We have nothing to be confident about other than our effort Monday night,” said Cable on Friday to reporters. The key word from that statement is “effort.” There’s nothing in that statement about a win of any sort.


Raiders lose nail biter in final seconds

The Raiders were wearing uniforms from their AFL days, rushing the quarterback and stopping the run like they did when their legends were still on the field, scoring on long touchdowns as they did when they were perennial winners, but when they needed to play like their glory days the most, they looked more 2006 than 1976.


Chargers at Raiders: Raider Rants Keys to the Game

It’s that time of year again, the time when Raider Nation’s hopes are up and the Raiders are tied for the best record in the NFL–at 0-0.

After a rather quiet offseason, the Raiders began to make moves to shore up their run defense after they’d completed all of their OTA’s. First, they signed Greg Ellis prior to camp. Ellis, the former Dallas Cowboys linebacker was promptly put into Derrick Burgess’ left defensive end position.

Soon after the start of training camp, Derrick Burgess was traded to the New England Patriots for a third-round and a conditional fourth-round draft choice in 2010.


Four more rookies reported to have signed

The Oakland Raiders have reportedly signed four more undrafted rookie free agents. As of yet, none of the Raiders’ free agent acquisitions have been confirmed by the team.

The four free agents reported to have agreed to terms are WR Chris Johnson (Tennessee State), TE Chris O’Neill (Boise State), LB Jerome Boyd (Oregon), and OG Jonathan Compas (UC Davis).